Crockery Size Cost per item
Teacup and saucer   £1.50 per person
Tea plate   50p
Middle size lunch plate   £1.00
Milk/cream jugs   £1.00
Sugar bowls   £1.00
Teapot and stand   £4.50
Coffee pot   £4.00
Vintage silver 3-tier cake stand with 3 china plates   £7.00
3-tier cake stands   £4.00
2-tier cake stands   £3.00
3-tier teacup, saucer and plate stand   £4.00
Decorative sandwich/cake plate   £2.00
Bon-bon dishes   £2.00
Cutlery Size Cost per item
Sugar/bon-bon tongs   £1.00
Cake/pastry fork   50p each
Bridal cake knife   £2.00
Teaspoons   25p each
Tea strainers   50p each
Cake slice   £1.00
Vintage preserve/cream spoon   £1.00
Knives and forks   50p each
Glassware Size Cost per item
Glass cafetiere   £3.00
Glass bud vase   50p each
Glass flower vase for centre table   £3.00
Glass Pimms/Lemonade type jugs with covers Various sizes £2.00
Glass Jam/clotted cream bowl and vintage spoon   £1.50
Sweet jars and bowls Various shapes and sizes £1.00
Large glass serving bowl   £3.00
Glass pedestal cake stand   £3.00
Glass champagne flutes   £1.50
Glass punch bowl with ladle   £15.00
Glass hurricane candle vase with ivory pillar candle   £5.00
Glass candlestick   £3.00
Other accessories Size Cost per item
2 tier wire cupcake stand   £2.00
3 tier wire cupcake stand   £3.00
Floral printed metal jug   £2.00
Tea trays wooden/silver Various £2.00 / £3.00
Handmade white lace bunting   £1.50 per metre
Handmade mismatch bunting to a colour theme Made to order £1.00 per metre
Vintage brown leather suitcase - Ideal for cards, presents, etc.   £10.00
Linen Size Cost per item
Linen tea/lunch napkin   50p each
Glass/Porcelain napkin rings   50p each
Vintage embroidered tablecloth Small < 4 ft £5.00
Vintage embroidered tablecloth Medium ~ 4 ft £7.00
Vintage embroidered tablecloth Large < 5 ft £10.00
Vintage lace tablecloth small < 4 ft £5.00
Vintage lace tablecloth medium ~ 4 ft £7.00
Vintage lace tablecloth large < 5 ft £10.00
Set up   Cost per item
Briar Rose package Per setting 50p
English Rose package Per setting 75p
Vintage Rose package Per setting £1.00
China rose package Per setting £1.00
Set down, repackage   Same costs as set up